Spending $60k on a New Ford F-150 Is Actually Good Value

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2018 Ford F-150

Before you break out your pitchforks and turn on caps lock, consider the fact that the Ford F-150 is two vehicles in one.

We hear it all the time. The deafening roar of our readers, blasting the incredibly high cost of new trucks like the Ford F-150. And we unerstand your anger. We too miss the days when you could buy a nice new pickup for $20k or so. The days when simplicity ruled the roost. When you didn’t need fancy luxury options and high-tech safety equipment on your truck. But times, they are a changin’. And believe it or not, paying $60k for a new Ford F-150 can actually be called good value for your money.

Before you come after us with pitchforks or turn on caps lock on your keyboard, hear us out. And not just us, but Kelley Blue Book, the long-time masters of vehicle valuations. They make a few good points, after all. They note that “America’s best-selling vehicle may come with sticker shock. Then again, a lot of money buys a lot of truck.” And that’s exactly the point we’re trying to make.

2018 Ford F-150

Sure, you could buy a nice new Ford F-150 for $20k 10-15 years ago. We know, because we did. But even those “newer” trucks were rather rudimentary compared to what you can buy today. And make no mistake, you can still buy a new F-150 for $30k. Of course, that’s a stripper work truck. As KBB notes, “most buyers will be stepping up to at least an XLT trim.” And once you add even basic options, prices quickly skyrocket.

According to KBB’s latest figures, “the average transaction price of a 2018 Ford F-150 is $47,174. Factor in other taxes and fees, and suddenly a $50,000 pickup truck is the new norm.” But that might not be quite as bad as it sounds. “Thankfully, this is a case where you get what you pay for, and arguably more.”

KBB’s Platinum tester came with our favorite engine, the 2nd gen 5.0-liter Coyote. They found it smooth, efficient, and plenty powerful. One the inside, there’s lots of content for your cash, too. “For this price, you probably already expect a lot of leather inside. There certainly is. This is about as comfortable as a truck can get.”

2018 Ford F-150

As far as the new massaging seats go, KBB notes “our rump rates it right up there with Mercedes-Benz’s multi-mode system. You’re getting two vehicles in one: a powerful, highly capable pickup truck with immediate recognition and respect, and what can qualify as a luxury vehicle whose amenities could rival a Lexus.”

And that pretty much sums up the point we’re trying to make here. Yes, you can easily spend $60k on a Ford F-150. But you certainly get what you pay for. And the fact that you can have your luxury car and hard-working mule all in one makes the F-150 a great value, no matter how you slice it.

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