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How do you baby your Ford truck? Weekly car wash, monthly waxing, or high-end paint protection? Or maybe you just, don’t?

Ford trucks are some of the hardest working vehicles in the United States, which is one reason why they’re the best-selling line of trucks in the United States. Of course, that comes with its downsides. Ford pickups are subject to the worst elements imaginable, often traversing roads and facing conditions no other vehicles are forced to endure. Unlike fancy sports cars, trucks aren’t tucked away in climate-controlled garages.

As one would expect, such lifestyle can take its toll on a hard-working pickup, especially the exterior. That’s why Ford Truck Enthusiasts wants to know what measures you take to protect your truck’s appearance? If any.

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For those of you obsessed with keeping your truck nice and shiny around the clock, the latest trend in the paint protection industry is ceramic coating. This adds a protective layer over the factory clear coat, shielding your truck’s paint finish for years, or so it’s claimed. The downside to such technology is its price, often costing over a thousand dollars for application on large vehicles like a Ford F-150.

If such pricey solution isn’t in the budget, there’s always a more traditional approach. High-quality Carnauba wax also protects the paint – although experts say it must be applied at least every six months for maximum protection.

Ford truck

Other less-preventive ways to keep your Ford truck clean include car-wash memberships, which typically offer unlimited washes for a set monthly rate, or using a cloth cover when parking your truck for long periods of time. Well, that last one may be a little extreme. Of course, there are some folks who believe a truck’s meant to get dirty and stay dirty.

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How to Protect Your Ford Truck's Exterior?

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