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Ford continued to post strong sales and market share gains in April, with a 25 percent increase versus a year ago. Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers delivering 162,996 new vehicles in April. George Pipas, Sales Analyst for Ford Motor Company says it marks the fifth month in a row Ford sales have increased more than 20 percent. Pipas credit’s the One Ford plan. With year-to-date sales totaling 591,592, up 34 percent.

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Cut #1: "Well, it shows that we’re executing the plan and that the plan is working. I think what you see here in April, and what we’ve seen in the past several months, is our plan is resulting in a strong, solid, sales performance and we’re getting contributions throughout the lineup." :17 sec.
  In April, Ford retail sales were up 32 percent versus a year ago and Ford gained retail market share for the 18th time in the last 19 months.
Cut #2: "We’ve outperformed the industry once again, in both retail sales comparisons to a year ago, and in total sales comparisons to a year ago, so we continue to gain share in the U.S. market that’s gratifying that’s encouraging it’s not necessarily our goal, but we did out perform the industry once again." :21 sec.
  Ford has a strong new future product lineup. According to Pipas they’re not pinning their hopes on one vehicle, but rather providing something for everyone which should translate into balanced sales and an upward trend in market share.
Cut #3: "The new Super Duty really had a positive impact on our overall result, the Mustang 2011 will hit dealer show rooms in higher numbers in the month of May, the Fiesta follows that, so there’s lots of new products coming and possibly that will translate to stronger sales performance and market share performance." :24 sec.
  Another plus for consumers is resale values of Ford vehicles, Pipas says they too have increased.
Cut #4: "Our auction value are out pacing the industry as well and this is important for the customer cause when they come in to trade their vehicle it means real dollars in their pockets. More so if they purchase a Ford then another product, and that’s really higher resale value s is really one of the tests of whether we’re managing our business, that is going to result in value to the consumer." :27 sec.
  Pipas broke down the sales that were higher throughout Ford’s lineup in April, continuing a trend that began in December.
Cut #5: "In April cars were up 10 percent compared with a year ago , utilities were up 33 and trucks were up 38. Overall increase in April versus a year ago was 25 percent and that’s the fifth month in a row that Ford sales had been up more than 20 percent compared with the prior year." :20 sec.
  Of all the brands, the F-series is the top selling vehicle and had a very strong increase this month, compared with last year. It was up 42 percent. But the Fusion is a product that has set sales records in 13 of the last 13 months. This month Pipas says we eclipsed a record that was set last April, the Escape had another record setting month, and was up sharply from a year ago. The Transit Connect set a record as well, so essentially Ford does not have all their eggs in one basket.
Cut #6: "That balanced performance means that our result is not just based on one hot product. The significance of that is one hot product can fade at a point in time, but when you’re getting balance that probably is a signal to us and others that favorable opinion and consideration for our Ford brand is increasing and that suggests that our performance might be sustainable in the future." :26 sec.
  On one final note, sales for traditional SUVs also were higher then a year ago. Explorer and Navigator sales have been up five months in a row.

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