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The new 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid was unveiled at the 2010 New York Auto Show earlier today. According to Gil Portalatin, Lincoln Hybrid Systems Application manager, explained how this vehicle is redefining the future of American luxury.

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Cut #1: "Well what it means is, we’re actually taking the next level. For instance in our Hybrid, it’s going to be, not only just a very fuel efficient product, but it’s also going to be very refined." :12 sec.

Projected to be the most fuel-efficient luxury sedan in America, based on Ford preliminary test data pending EPA certification, Portalatin says the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid will offer all the bells and whistles.

Cut #2: "It’s going to have great driving dynamics, it’s going to be quiet, comfortable, you’re going to be able to get all the options, all the bells and whistles that you would on a normal MKZ or any other Lincoln and still get great fuel economy." :13 sec.
Of all the Luxury cars produced by Ford Motor company, Portalatin says the MKZ was chosen based on the success of the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Milan Hybrid.
Cut #3: "There were a lot of similarities, platform similarities, between the Fusion and Milan as well as this power pack was ideally suited for this product, so that’s why we chose the MKZ." :10 sec.
For nearly a century the Lincoln name has been synonymous with luxury, comfort and design, now consumers will be able add another major benefit.
Cut #4: "Absolutely. It’s going to be at least 41 mpg in the city, equivalent to the Fusion and Milan." :06 sec.
Portalatin says this car is a win-win situation and gives consumers the best of both worlds.
Cut #5: "It allows our customers, that just want to have all the luxury options, want to have a luxurious vehicle, but still have a sense of fuel economy… we give them a choice. So now you can have your fuel economy and your luxury vehicle at the same time… it’s a great combination of two worlds." :15 sec.
According to Portalatin another big plus is consumers knowing they’re going green and can feel good about themselves, by doing what they can to help improve the environment.
Cut #6: "Oh absolutely, a lot of people want Hybrids, just to say I’m doing good for the planet, I’m making a contribution, I’m doing something very good for the planet… and we’re allowed to do that now with the MKZ and the Fusion, Milan, we have great set of products." :14 sec.
Portalatin did say the interior of the vehicle have added a few surprises, that has his team anxious and excited to see their reaction.
Cut #7: "We took the great Fusion and Milan Hybrid cluster, the Smart Gauge, and we’ve added a few twists on it… and we made it more ‘Lincolnesk’ and I’m really excited to see the feedback from the customers, once they see this, cause I think it’s going to be very exciting, we’ve added a little bit more, and ah I think it’s going to be a real neat challenge." :20 sec.
The 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid will be in showrooms this fall.

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