Sony Brings Home Theater Quality Audio to New Explorer

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2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Series with EcoBoost

Ford has been on a roll lately with their Platinum trim level of vehicles. These are fully-loaded, no-holds-barred premium trims for a variety of automobiles. In the 2015 F-150, it includes such niceties as radar cruise control and massaging seats. In the new Ford Explorer, the Platinum trim level will have an exclusive, and very premium, Sony audio system.

The New Ford Explorer

The two technologies that make the Sony system extra special are Live Acoustics and Clear Phase technologies. These technologies, combined with advanced media processing and Class D amplifier, send audio to the 12 speakers to produce an authentic concert sound.

So how did the Sony engineers know what an authentic concert hall sound sounds like? They got on a plane an headed to Europe. The system is designed to simulate the experience of listening to music in some of the world’s greatest concert calls in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Vienna.

The Premium Audio System from Sony

According to Ford, this sound system will be standard equipment on the Platinum trim level of the 2016 Ford Explorer.

We’re definitely looking forward to listening to the new system. The unknown is how it handles compressed audio, like MP3/AAC files, satellite radio, or streaming services like Pandora. When it comes to audio, the adage “crap in, crap out” can apply, regardless of how awesome the stereo is. We’ll be interested in seeing how it handles it.

2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Premium Audio System

Until then, let us know what you think of the new Explorer and the Sony audio system in the forums!

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