Someone Just Crashed a Heritage Ford GT

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Back in the early 2000’s, Ford relaunched the Ford GT 40. They dropped the 40 off the name, but kept the same lines, and awesome V8 behind the driver. It was a huge hit, and with that, Ford sold out of every last one of them.

However, among those sold, only 383 cars were built in the Ford GT Heritage Edition spec. This package was the Gulf Oil livery that perfectly set off the exterior of the car. It harked back to the days where Ford was beating the heck out of Ferrari at Le Mans.


That said, because of the rarity of this Ford GT Heritage Edition, these next few pictures are a bit hard to look at. For those with weak constitutions, look away now, because someone just shunted a Heritage Edition.


According to the report, the cars 51-year old owner had the car in a oversteer and ran directly into a telephone pole.

Fortunately for him and his wife who was also in the car, both came away from the crash unscathed. However, the Ford GT is definitely in a shambles. It’s a sad day indeed my friends.


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