Somebody Finally Captured F-150 and Ranger Sizes in Person

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There aren’t many places in the world where Ford sells both the current Ford Ranger (third gen) and the current F-150 (13th gen) pickups. They’re in the same lineup in Mexico, as well as countries in the Middle East, and maybe a few other places, but here in America, we only get the F-150, and overseas in Europe, they only get the smaller Ranger. It’s a weirdly hot debate amongst truck lovers.

The conversation heated up when Ford launched the new, much more attractive Ranger right after discontinuing it here in the U.S. in 2012. Some people think the F-150 is much bigger than most people actually need, calling for the Ranger, while others love the F-150 and think the Ranger is too close in size to be sold in the same lineup.

The size conversation is pretty flatly put to rest when you see that both the length and wheelbase of the F-150 are almost two feet bigger than the Ranger’s. But reading numbers isn’t the same as actually seeing. Though the F-150 isn’t in current lineups in New Zealand (UTES FTW), a Truck Yeah! reader recently saw a Raptor over there parked right next to a DeWalt-themed Ranger and snapped a photo to show the size difference. So, here it is:


Now, make up your mind.

via [Truck Yeah!]

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