SOLVED The Case of the F-150 Hockey Gear Caper

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2014 Ford F-150 HockeyAn Elk River, Minnesota boy is sleeping peacefully tonight after learning that his hockey equipment is safe and sound. Thanks to the help of diligent citizens on social media, they were able to solve this heinous crime. Turns out, 14-year-old Ethan Schultz accidentally loaded his equipment into the back of the wrong black Ford F-150!

In defense of Schultz, we can see how this could be a common error. Last year, Ford sold a new F-150 approximately every 43 seconds. The F-150 is not only the best-selling truck in America, but it’s also the best selling vehicle. It’s even the most popular luxury car sold in America!

The odds of two black F-150s of similar years being in the same parking lot are actually pretty good. If you’re tired or not paying attention after a sporting event, it’d be very easy to mistake one truck for another.

Luckily for the boy, the owner of the truck he put the equipment in to and noticed the boy’s stuff. He plans on promptly returning the equipment.

Seriously, we’re glad that it was an honest mistake and didn’t turn out to be theft. Maybe Schultz’s parents need to modify their truck a bit to make it more unique? A lift-kit? Supercharger?

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