Snap on Truck Treads for Super Duty?

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When it comes to deep snow, tracks and skis are like the peanut butter and jelly of transportation. Yeah, it sounds a little weird at first, but try it once, and you’ll understand. Unfortunately, both of those options are out of the question when you need a truck. Until now, at least.
Essentially, the Trak N’ Go are a set of treads that clamp onto the wheels of your truck. The wheels then spin the tread, turning the truck into a two-ton snowmobile. The video shows how it looks when the tracks are engaged, and honestly, it makes driving around in deep snow look easy.
Of course, it’s still just a prototype. The video doesn’t show how easy it is to hook up to the wheel, or how it handles with a full bed. But we suspect it’s easier than the alternative of replacing your wheels with actual treads. Check out the video to see these things working on a Sierra and a Super Duty.
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