Do You Smell What Ford is Cooking? PANCAKES!

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Today is National Pancake Day, and the International House of Pancakes is partnering with companies like the Ford Motor Company to celebrate!

Ford has channeled their inner-Food Channel and are showing off come creative Ford pancake creations in a new video.

Ford partnered with Internet pancake making sensation Saipancakes to create the unique pancake creations. Can you decipher all of the different Ford vehicles that were made in this video?

Saipancakes makes some really great creations, such as the late Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock.

Or stars of the AMC television hit, The Walking Dead.

There’s even one of various Sith lords and Darth Vader.

Are you looking to get in on the National Pancake Day shenanigans? Head to your nearest IHOP and get some free pancakes! What better way to celebrate such a national treasure!


This isn’t the first time Ford has been part of a food day celebration. I’m sure you all remember the bacon-wrapped Ford Fiesta as part of International Bacon Day last year?

Bacon-wrapped Ford Fiesta

Make some tasty pancakes in the forum.>>

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