Sledgehammered F-150 Repair Costs are Bogus!

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smash2xDon’t believe the hype.

Remember that video of an aluminum-bodied 2015 Ford F-150 getting abused by a sledgehammer and the costs related to repairing the pounded pickup were double the costs of repairing a steel-bodied truck? Well, that turns out to be a bunch of bullsh*t!

Consumer Reports says “repair costs seem to be in line with the previous-generation model,” and called the editors at Edmunds out on their “erroneous” test results.

According to the experts at CR, “Edmunds took its damaged truck to a body shop that wasn’t certified by Ford to work on repairing aluminum.”

Ooops! Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Certified body shops can be found via the locator tool but the sledgehammered F-150 was taken to the nearest dealership instead of one that was certified to perform the necessary repairs.

F-150 Is Truck Trend Magazine’s 2015 Pickup Truck of the YearConsumer Reports own investigation revealed that aluminum body panels on the new F-150 cost nearly the same as their steel-bodied counterparts of the previous model.

They also state that “the new F-150 is designed to make replacing panels easier, in many cases labor charges may be lower.”

And if that isn’t good news, the independent researchers also report “that owners of the new aluminum F-150 aren’t being charged more for collision insurance than the outgoing model.”

Now that’s smashing news!

Read the full story about the real costs of repairing the new F-150 with video here.

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