Slammed 2017 Ford F-250 Continues Puzzling Trend

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“Ruined” 2017 Ford F-250 doesn’t care if you like it or not.

If there’s one thing abundantly clear about custom trucks, it’s the fact that everyone has their own personal taste. Some like ’em lifted, some like ’em lowered. But nothing, and we mean nothing, stirs the pot o’ controversy quite like a slammed truck on giant wheels. Now, we here at FTE tend to be the kind of folks who appreciate, well, Ford trucks. Of all kinds. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t at least a little puzzled by this 2017 Ford F-250.

2017 Ford F-250

Slammed Super Duty trucks are hot these days, especially duallys. But why? Well, it appears that plenty of folks think that the large bodied rides look rather good sitting close to the ground. And that’s all fine and good, but we’re a little curious as to why the owner of this one chose an FX4 as the basis for his build. Seems like a waste of coin, but who are we to judge?

2017 Ford F-250

Regardless, the once beefy off-roader now rolls on a set of 24×14″ Fuel forged wheels with tires that span the approximate girth of a rubber band. Humorously enough, those wheels don’t have any sort of backspacing either, so they stick out pretty far past the wheel wells. Maybe the wider stance makes this 2017 Ford F-250 a better handler, we suppose? If nothing else, the new rolling stock undoubtedly creates some pretty awesome aquatic rooster tails when it rains.

2017 Ford F-250

We’re guessing that the owner of this slammed Super Duty could care less about the reactions he gets, however. After all, his custom license plate reads “RUINED.” And his Instagram handle, fittingly enough, is @ruined_6.7. Yes, it would seem that the truck’s owner could care less about his haters. He’s obviously quite happy with the way his Super Duty turned out, and that’s just fine by us!

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