Singer Margo Price Takes a Ford F-150 King Ranch for a Spin

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Margo Price & Ford F-150

Rolling Stone takes lifelong Ford truck fan Price on a ride to kick the tires on the King Ranch edition.

Country music singer Margo Price has always been a Ford truck gal. Her current ride is her beloved 2016 Ford F-150. When she’s not on the road touring with the likes of Willie Nelson, Chris StapletonJack White, and other music luminaries, she’s usually home in Nashville, Tennessee riding in a Ford pickup. Rolling Stone spent some time with Price, giving her a chance to chat while testing out a 2018 Ford F-150 King Ranch 4×4 SuperCrew.

Clearly, Price is at home behind the wheel of an F-150, and donning her “I’d Rather Push a Ford than Drive a Chevy” hat. She’s true-blue Ford all the way.

Margo Price Ford F-150 King Ranch

Writer Joseph Hudak notes: “She grins when she fires up the diesel engine. This F-150 is the tricked-out King Ranch edition– air-conditioned seats that massage your ass as you drive; a cab that could fit a small band; leather trim–and Price wants to go for a joyride.” And drive she does, familiarizing herself with all the bells and whistles of this top trim truck.

Along the way, they talk music and trucks. Country music has a long and harmonious relationship with pickups. Price’s choice for driving music? Ragged Old Truck by Billy Joe Shaver. Price noting that it is “the greatest song about a truck ever.” This is definitely Price’s type of music. Listening to her songs, there is a great reverence for old school outlaw country, while she successfully blazing a new trail for her voice in the genre. She is unapologetically outspoken, and has a flair for weaving powerful stories about the working class with truth and heart.

Margo Price

She finds the Bang and Olufsen stereo a true gem on the King Ranch. And as she drives in the country near her home, she loves the extra power, luxury, and features in the King Ranch. Of course, it inspires her to have a little fun. “I’d like to find a big open field that we could go rip some donuts in,” Price says.

The 2018 Ford F-150 King Ranch is quite a step up from her early days on the road. Back then, Price relied on a Ford Explorer and a U-Haul to get the band and gear to and from gigs. “I could barely pay them anything,” Price says “So the least I could do is drive.”

Margo Price Ford F-150

All that time on the road, and driving Ford trucks, made its way into her music. Price sings “Something in my bloodline or something in my gut, says to go to California in a rusted pickup truck,” on the title track for her album All American Made.


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