POLL: Are the Silverado’s Corner Steps Really That Big of a Deal?

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The small cutout was recently featured in a Silverado commercial, claiming to be a major advantage over the F-150.

Let’s start with this, every truck has its pros and cons. The F-150 surely isn’t perfect, but it works pretty darn well. At least better than the competition, and that’s pretty much all that matters. As long as Ford keeps giving customers the features they need, the reliability they expect, and the safety they deserve — everyone’s happy.

Sadly, Ford hasn’t equipped the F-Series with corner steps. As a result, we’re now enraged and will buy a Silverado. Because corner steps. Said no one ever.


This new “real people” Chevy commercial will not only lower your IQ, but it will also convince you that corner steps give the Silverado a huge advantage over the F-150. That’s beside the heavy steel bed, of course.

Funny enough, the video fails to mention that Ford actually did come up with a cool solution to access the truck bed. It’s called a tailgate step, and it costs $375 if added a la carte on a new truck. The tailgate step not only works better, but it’s more comfortable and much safer.


Let’s be clear, we’re not saying the Chevy corner steps are useless, we just don’t believe someone would legitimately choose the Silverado over the F-150 because of them. The one thing we do like, is that Chevy doesn’t charge extra for cutting little holes into the bumpers.

In the end, you be the judge! Take our poll and let us know if you think Silverado’s corner steps give the Chevy an advantage over the F-150?

Are the Silverado's corner steps really that big of a deal?

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