Side View Camera Technology to Soon Make Mirrors Obsolete

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There used to be a time when cars came with only one side view mirror next to the driver, then of course came a mirror on both sides. The next evolution of reward visibility is almost upon us though. Side view camera technology is improving rapidly, and Japan already has just made laws that allow the sale of cars with cameras instead of mirrors.

For manufacturers, replacing mirrors with cameras would present a noticeable improvement for fuel mileage, and could potentially change¬†overall car design. With cameras and LED screens continually dropping in cost, it wouldn’t be expensive either. The only thing that prohibits their use now is current laws and legislation. Japan is leading the way, but the EU and the U.S. should fall in line shortly thereafter.

2017 Ford F-250 XL Super DutyThough the technology is still being developed, it could be especially beneficial for towing. Bluetooth capability might be part of this overhaul of conventional mirrors, and cameras in remote locations could replace side view mirror extensions.

The cameras might even have similar “tracking lines” – a feature that is on current back-up cameras. Cameras can also adjust for light, and weather conditions and have a wider field of vision than the human eye. The main thing is winning over the consumer, and there’s only so much engineering you can do to fix that.

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