SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY We Want This Ford Escort RS Turbo!

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I’ve been salivating over the new Ford Focus RS that is finally making its way to our shores for Americans to finally buy. But the Ford RS line of vehicles have a long history in the United Kingdom, all the way back to old Escorts. The Escort RS Turbo featured here is 30 years old, and is pristine condition.


So how much would you pay for this piece of Ford heritage in such great condition? It only has 5,568 miles on it. It’s believed to be one of the lowest-mileage copies still on the road, and is in really good shape.

It’s in such good shape, in fact, that it recently sold for a record-setting¬†¬£60,000. As of today’s exchange rate, that’s $91,198.50. Over $90,000 for a Ford Escort!


While it’s not the first vehicle I’d buy if I had that cash laying around, if I had the means I definitely would pick it up. It’s in great shape, it’s a classic Ford, and it’s painted white. It’s exactly what I’d to look for.

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