Shelby Vs Shelby in F-150 Duel: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday Presented by Nitto Tire

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An extra 225 horsepower makes one of these F-150 pickups predictably quicker.

The folks at Shelby American offer several high performance packages for the modern generation of the Ford F-150. The Kunes Country TV YouTube channel has put together a head-to-head drag race between two of them, showcasing the difference in a modified Raptor with 525 horsepower and a modified F-150 non-Raptor with 750 horsepower.

Shelby F-150 Vs Shelby Baja Raptor

The Competitors

This drag race features two high performance Ford half-ton pickups – the Shelby Baja Raptor and the Shelby F-150.

The Shelby F-150 was introduced first, before Ford Motor Company had rolled out the newest Raptor. This package features a beefed-up suspension system with components from Fox, an array of exterior upgrades and a Whipple supercharger that lifts the output to 750 horsepower, essentially creating Shelby’s vision of a modern Raptor before the actual package arrived from Ford.

The Raptor Baja Raptor is based on the new Ford Raptor and it includes a list of exterior upgrades such as the ram air hood, unique front and rear bumpers, big wheels and tires, a dressed-up interior and a spread of performance upgrades. The high-flow air intake system, a new intercooler and a custom tune lifts the output to 525 horsepower.

The Race

So, this video shows a Shelby Raptor with 525 horsepower and a Shelby F-150 with 750 horsepower. You can probably guess which truck wins the races, and you would be right. The two race twice with a driver change in between, but it makes little difference.

The truck with the extra 225 horsepower comfortably beats the Raptor in both dig races, just like you should have expected. Really, this isn’t a race so much as a display of how big of a difference that extra power makes in two relatively similar Ford F-150 pickups.

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