Shelby Modified Ford Raptor on Patrol in Utah

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Shelby Raptor Police Truck

If you live in Park City, Utah, you better watch out. The police department there has acquired a brand new police vehicle, and it’s definitely something special. It’s a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor that has been modified by Shelby American to make boat loads of power to chase down the baddies. It’s pretty awesome!

A local business owner in Park City wanted to do something for the police department that would help make the city a better place, bridge the gap between the police and the civilian population, and promote a positive lifestyle. Working with the police chief, they acquired a Shelby American modified Raptor, with a supercharged 6.2L V8.

Additional Shelby modifications include new wheels and tires, custom bumpers, and a set of white racing stripes.

The truck was then fitted with typical law enforcement equipment, including lights, power for computers, and a truck bed storage system.

Even though this truck sees some police duty, like many modified police vehicles, this one is used for public outreach. It’s the exact same reason why Dubai has such an elaborate police force; it encourages young people to talk and interact with the police. That, hopefully, reduces the fear they have in law enforcement and would be more willing to turn to them in the future when they need help.

We recently featured a Raptor police truck in Australia. Now we can add Park City to the list of places using Raptors for law enforcement duties.

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