Shelby GT350R Mustang is Insane

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The 2015 Mustang with a 2.3L I4 EcoBoost is okay. The 2015 Mustang GT with a 5.0L V8 is amazing. The Shelby GT350R with its tuned 5.2L dual-overhead cam V8 is insane. Like stupid, ridiculous levels of insanity but in a good way.

The new Shelby is the most race-ready road-legal Mustang ever according to Ford and is easily the hottest version to date. The latest Mustang made its debut along with the all-new Raptor, the Ford GT and the Focus RS at this year’s North American International Auto Show.

“The Shelby GT350R Mustang is a no-compromise car in the pursuit of maximum track capability,” said Raj Nair, Ford group veep, Global Product Development. “It is a thoroughbred street car making use of technology and ingenuity to deliver performance few enthusiasts have ever experienced.”

The limited-production rolling masterpiece weighs 130 pounds less than the Shelby GT350 model and will be available later this year.

“This is the pinnacle of performance Mustangs today,” said Dave Pericak, director, Ford Performance. “The Shelby GT350R Mustang lays the groundwork for a story that will play out for years to come on the track and the street.”

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