EXCLUSIVE! Could This be a Shelby Ford Super-Duty Dually?

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Shelby Ford Super-Duty Dually

It wasn’t long ago that we brought you the news of a 700 horsepower Shelby Ford F-150, so hot, that it almost had to be coded NSFW. But what was recently spotted in Indianapolis, Indiana, could take pickup truck tuning game to a whole new level.

Local car enthusiast and Facebook friend of mine, Daniel Vang, spotted a transport trailer carrying a sexy-as-hell red Shelby Ford-150, which is more than enough to get anybody’s attention. But it’s what’s in front of the F-150 that could blow everybody’s mind.

Shelby Ford Super-Duty Dually

If my knowledge serves me right, it looks like a blacked-out and heavily modified (at least exterior wise), Ford F-Series Super Duty dually (2016 or older). Unfortunately road conditions and overall common sense for safety didn’t allow Daniel to snap a better shot, but he claims the evil-looking dually sported side and rear Shelby badges similar to those on the F-150.

While we know that theĀ gasoline powered, supercharged V8 of the Shelby F-150 puts out a ridiculous 700 horsepower, we are completely oblivious to what Shelby could do with a 6.7 liter Power Stroke Turbo Diesel. But knowing how Shelby likes their trucks, I couldn’t imagine anything short of jaw-dropping.

Shelby Ford Super-Duty Dually

With auto show season just getting started in the States and around the globe, we may not have to wait very much longer to find out if this is a reality, or simply a one-off job.

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Photos: Daniel Vang

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