Shelby F-350, Super Snake Create Clouds in Tandem: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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Super Duty with a thousand horsepower pound-feet of torque does a burnout while towing a smokin’ Super Snake Mustang.

Shelby American has long been known for offering high performance packages for the Ford Mustang, but earlier this year, the Vegas-based tuning company announced the Shelby 1000 package for the Ford F-350 pickup. To showcase the modified Super Duty in the best way possible, a member of the Shelby American team did a wicked burnout with the beefed-up F-350 while a Shelby Super Snake Mustang did a burnout on the trailer hooked to the unique 1-ton pickup.

Shelby 1000 F-350 in Action

The video above comes to us from the YouTube channel of Jerry Heasley and it features two high performance Ford products tuned by Shelby American smoking their tires. Up front is a new Shelby 1000 F-350 with a huge custom dual-wheel setup and behind that big truck is an open trailer. On that trailer is the newest Shelby Super Snake Mustang, which is also doing a burnout.

F-350 Shelby Burnout

The video begins with the driver of the modified F-350 working to get all four rear tires spinning, but once the smoke begins to rise from those 20-inch tires, the action really picks up. The diesel engine of the 1-ton truck roars loudly enough that we can barely tell when the supercharged Mustang begins its own burnout a few seconds later.

However, as the Super Duty rolls by with 1000 lb-ft of torque keeping all of the rear tires spinning, we get a closer look at the Mustang as it roasts its own, smaller tires.

Shelby 1000 F-350 Details

When compared to the other Shelby American performance packages, the 1000 package for the F-350 is more of an appearance upgrade – although it does add some performance. The tuning package adds a cold air intake and a tune that lift the engine output to 1000 lb-ft, 65 more than stock, but this package is still emission-compliant in all 50 states.

Shelby Duel Burnout F350 and Mustang

In addition to the extra power, the Shelby 1000 F-350 gets a spread of unique exterior upgrades including the wheels, a new hood, a new front and rear bumper package, Shelby and 1000 badging all over the outside of the truck and an elaborate lighting system. On the inside, the package adds Katzkin leather, unique floor mats and a serialized dash plaque.

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