Shelby American Reignites the Daytona Cobra Coupe

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When Carroll Shelby first began his partnership with Ford, no one could have known the depth of which that partnership would grow into. It was a chance meeting, and one that has literally shaped the course of automotive history. Even with Shelby now gone, his presence in the automotive field can still be felt. Whether that’s in the new Shelby branded GT350s, or the new Ford GT, his lasting legacy lives on.

However, one of the most brilliant cars ever built by the Texan chicken farmer was the Daytona Cobra Coupe. Only six of these cars were originally produced, and all of them were built as racecars. Given that history, and rarity, these cars now go for vast amounts of money when they surface at auction. Carscoops own Dan Mihalascu put it best when he described the price of an original Daytona Cobra Coupe as “ownership of one is almost impossible.”


Thankfully, Shelby American, the continuation of Carroll’s legacy has stated that the company would begin building a run of 50 Daytona Cobra Coupes to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Shelby’s FIA World Championship. The cars will be built using the same blueprints and measurements that Carroll and his team used back in the 1960s. They will almost be carbon copies of the originals and will be sold built to order. Although, the car will be complete in almost every way, it will be up to the owner to decide what powerplant will drive the continuation cars and it will also be up to the owners to install said engine.

With that, there will be two options for the body. Aluminum or fiberglass. The fiberglass cars will start, again without an engine, at $179,995. While the aluminum ones will command a price of $349,995. The first continuation aluminum car will be displayed at this year’s Goodwood Revival with a few of the original Daytona Cobra Coupes at its side. But what is your take on the price for these cars? Singer Vehicles commands nearly the same cost, but you’re getting updated and upgraded everything, as well as a running car. Are these continuation cars worth the asking price?

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