Seventies Ford F-250 Keeps on Truckin’

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Ford buildup

Forums Chats Lead Determined FTE Member to Kick-Start One of the Most Promising Buildups on the Block: A 1979 Ford F-250

“I bought the truck off my Ford parts guy,” writes Ford Trucks Enthusiasts forums member Aaron-71. The longtime Ford fan is discussing his most recent buildup project, a 1979 Ford F-250 4×4 featured in today’s “Buildup!” “I learnt about it one day, drove out to take it for a drive, and I fell in love. I had to have it,” he says.

Ford buildup

As we all know, builds are not an easy task to take on without first gaining enough insight into how to make a Ford truck even better. Builds require not only blood, sweat and tears, but also time, effort and planning. And as Canadian Ford fan Aaron mentions in his most recent thread, much of the required skills and knowledge can be found right here in the FTE forums, where fellow Ford truck enthusiasts share their expert, proven and very hands-on experiences.

“I’ve been around for [awhile] now on FTE,” says Aaron, who joined the forums in 2010, “and I have been slowly gaining knowledge and collecting parts.

Ford buildup

“Before I arrived to FTE, I often got confused when people would say anything about vehicles besides the obvious things like “engine, transmission.” But I was determined to learn something…

“Well, I’ve changed my lack of automotive skills and knowledge by hanging around on FTE, so I’d like to give a shout out to all you FTE‘ers who have helped me through the years. Keep on paying it forward.”

When it came time to start on revamping the 1979 Ford F-250 4×4, he did not have to look too far for parts. Thankfully many of his parts from his old build were still useful to him for his new project.

Having the right parts on hand is vital to a successful build. But the most important thing about beginning a new project is choosing the right ride to start with. After all, if the base vehicle isn’t right then the build itself will never be exactly what it should be. Aaron selected a Ford with a ton of potential: a 1979 F-250 4×4 regular cab longbed.

‘Before I arrived to FTE, I often got confused when people talked about vehicles… I’ve changed my lack of automotive skills & knowledge by hanging around on FTE.’

“This is the truck I want to put the most effort and time into because it’s almost exactly what I want,” writes Aaron.

Ford buildup

Prior to starting his newest dream project, Aaron had been working since 2010 on building up a 1978 Ford F-150 2WD. And, according to his earlier thread, that’s when he realized that he really wanted a 4×4. So, he decided to stop that build and work on what he really wanted.

“It’s not necessary to go through the first build thread,” says Aaron, “but it’s where I collected a lot of my parts and where my inspiration to have a nice dentside started.

“My older build thread was a 1978 F-150 2WD longbed regular cab…it was a really good learning experience.”

That learning has certainly paid off. However, Aaron does have one small concern about his newest build.

“Unfortunately, it’s not a Sno-fighter truck,” he says in his thread. “But it does have a very nice Sno-fighter Dana 60 High Pinion front differential.”

Check out Aaron’s latest build in the forums. Then, join the FTE forums for free and join in the conversation! Maybe we’ll feature you and your ride in the next “Buildup!”

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