Senator Aims to Change Law After Ford F-150 Towed

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Just because you’re a state senator doesn’t mean you’re above the law. But it does mean you can change it!

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that at least a handful of laws on the books are stupid. We’ve all wished at least once in our lives that we could change the law, but alas, we’re just normal citizens. But as we learned by watching Schoolhouse Rock! back in the day, lawmakers do have that ability. And a Georgia senator aims to do just that after getting pulled over in his Ford F-150 recently. Thankfully, we get to see the entire incident in this body cam footage secured by 11Alive.

Sen. Marty Harbin was just cruising around the town of Tyrone when he was pulled over by a police officer for having expired tags on his Ford F-150. The same kind of thing that happens to lots of people, right? Except Harbin takes immediate offense to the violation, telling the officer “I pay my bills. I’m a state senator. I’m not stupid.” Not exactly the best way to get on Johnny Law’s the good side, we’d say.

Ford F-150

Of course, it didn’t really matter, because things were about to get worse. You see, if your tags have been expired over 30 days in the state of Georgia, the police are required to tow your vehicle and impound it. That only infuriates Harbin even more, prompting him to threaten to call the town’s mayor. “I’m going to call Eric Dial, but I’ll call the rest of them. I pay my bills. This will not go over well.”

Clearly, Harbin wasn’t aware of the law. But as his Ford F-150 was loaded onto a flatbed, he changed his tune just a little. “I’m going to the state. And we’re going to change the law.” And sure enough, eight months later, he introduced a bill aiming to do just that. So far, it’s passed the Senate with zero opposition and is now headed to the house.

To his credit, Harbin denies that changing the law has anything to do with his experience. “It’s not about me. It’s about my people and the people I represent,” he claims.

And that may be true. But clearly, his personal experience is what prompted the change. Now if only we could all have the power to change the stupid laws we don’t agree with!

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