Semi-Truck Takes on a Viper in Drag Race … and Wins

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In today’s super regular, absolutely normal, totally typical YouTube video, we watch as two very different species of vehicle, an American brute and a blue-collar workhorse, confront each other in their sorta natural environment at a line drawn on the blacktop. Let’s observe:

A few notes:

  • Those smoke stacks are just excessively tall, I mean, c’mon.
  • Hey, Viper, nice wheel spin, dude!
  • That smoke totally looks healthy, probably running on a special blend of e85 and baby tears.
  • Seriously, if you have a sports car like that, you might want to learn to launch.
  • The Viper almost pancaked that motorcycle, then almost pancaked itself. Mmm, pancakes.
  • Approximately half of Earth’s oil was burned in this one race
  • Viper owner’s response to losing: “Whatever, my top was down, that’s so much drag.”

That concludes today’s in-depth look at drag racing. Check back in next week for a new episode of Wheel Peels!

Via [Speed Society]

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