Do You Work on Your Own Ford Truck? – Question of the Week

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Ranging from oil changes to brake jobs and oxygen sensors, learning DIY Ford truck maintenance can be helpful. But do you?

Aside from the cost of buying a new Ford truck or SUV, the biggest expense associated with owning a new vehicle is maintenance and repairs. Even if nothing ever “breaks,” things like oil changes, tire rotations, and brake jobs are unavoidable if you own the truck for more than a few months.

That brings us to our newest Question of the Week: Do you work on your own Ford truck or SUV?

Regularly scheduled maintenance tends to be simple enough for folks of all backgrounds. Changing the oil, replacing the air filter, etc. These tasks pretty much anyone can do with basic tools and a little instruction. Thank goodness for YouTube, right? While having your tires rotated at the dealer or mechanic shop is both easy, inexpensive, and convenient, doing oil changes at home is almost as simple and even a little cheaper.


As far as more intricate tasks go – doing your own brake job is among the easiest non-regular maintenance items one can do. At the same time, most folks are intimidated by brakes and prefer to avoid screwing up such a vital component, so they prefer to pay a professional. Of course, there are other complex systems like air conditioning, lighting, and cooling that may not be as simple for most to handle.

Where do you fit in?

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