MUST WATCH: Jet-Powered Ford F-150

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Sadly, the owner of this F-150 won’t be starring in the next ‘Top Gun.’ But it still looks badass!

One of the most outrageous and equally badass modifications you can do to a vehicle, is put a jet engine on it. The sound of the turbine powering up makes any vehicle seem a million times more exciting, and sort of like the early ’90s Batmobile. No surprise, if you put a jet engine in the back of an F-150, you get a much cooler F-150.

In a video by Automobile Magazine, the owner walks you through his custom F-150 to which he installed a jet engine on. There’s no hiding this engine, and there’s no official word on the cost or length of time it took Chris Lentz to complete the project. He said he just had to get it, as it’s always been a childhood dream of his. The engine is clear as day sitting in the bed of the truck, but as he goes through the numbers you start to realize this might be the baddest F-150 in existence.


The Morotlet M701C jet engine produces 1960 foot-pounds of thrust, which gives the F-150 between 2,200 and 2,700 horsepower. That’s just incredible to think about! Unfortunately, all that power comes at a cost, other than having the loudest engine in your neighborhood, of course.

One of the unfortunate downsides is the cost of fuel. The M701C burns an incredible one to five gallons of fuel per minute! Lentz uses kerosene, but you can also use diesel, bio-diesel, gasoline, and obviously, jet fuel. Also, the whole thing weights 6,000 pounds, which is an enormous amount of weight, and therefore means extremely slow acceleration. You can read the results of the original timed runs in the original story.

Cool, or crazy?

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