Sanford & Son 1951 Ford F-1 Will Make You Say Great Googley Moogley!

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Sanford and Son is one of the most iconic and groundbreaking TV shows of all time, and certainly one of the funniest. Redd Foxx played the memorable Fred Sanford, a streetwise junk dealer who had a million different get rich schemes. Ford fans also undoubtedly remember that he drove a 1951 F-1 pickup in the series.


The original truck from the series sold at auction a couple of years back, but there are a few replicas floating around as well, like this nice(r) example. This 1951 Ford F-1 has been modernized a bit over the original example, with a 302/T5 drivetrain and lots of other niceties.

A Heidts IFS suspension drops the front down a bit and provides a smoother ride. There are lots of modern bits underneath – tubular control arms, power steering, four wheel disc brakes, and a 9″ rear end with 3.50 gears.


The exterior has received “stressed” red paint that mimmicks Fred’s worn original, and the red interior is undoubtedly nicer than the one Fred sat in all those years. Overall, it’s a nice tribute that has received a lot of modern upgrades to make it a real daily driver.


If you’re a fan of Sanford and Son (who isn’t?) and Ford trucks, this ’51 might be the perfect truck for you. Just driving it around is bound to get you some thumbs up and interesting conversations with strangers who have many fond memories of this iconic show.

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