Rusty Ford F-100 is a Drag Strip Beast

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Nitrous and a 302-cubic inch engine get this F-100 off of the line like a pro stock car.

This week’s Truckin’ Fast Wednesday video comes to us from the JMalcom2004Rides YouTube channel and it features a wicked Ford F-100 drag truck. This footage was captured at Middle Georgia Motorsports Park and it appears to be a no-time event, so we don’t know what kind of times or speeds this truck is running, but there is no question that it is insanely quick.

The Walk-Around

The video begins with a close-up look at the rusty Ford F-100 race truck in the garage area. This doesn’t appear to be a wrap that makes this classic half-ton truck look old and rusty; it is actually old and rusty. It looks like the chrome strips have fallen off, leaving the rusty holes where the chrome originally clipped into place. Along the same lines, the fact that it is so rusty suggests that it is an all-metal truck, rather than a lightweight fiberglass body or something like that.

F-100 Race Truck Engine

When the camera focuses under the hood, we see a vintage Boss 302 engine with a high-rise aluminum intake manifold, a big carburetor, headers and a huge nitrous setup. The inner fender wells are gone, so there has been some weight removed and we can see the coil-over suspension setup.

As the camera swings around, we see a stripped-out interior with a race seat, a ratchet shifter and a few simple gauges.

F-100 Race Truck in the Burnout Box

Hitting the Track

After the walk-around, the nitrous-injected, small block-powered F-100 heads out onto the track. A quick burnout leads to the old Ford inching up to the starting line. As the engine speeds soar, the green lights drop and the antique half-ton pickup tears down the track.

F-100 Race Truck Rear

Again, we don’t get to see any time or speed for this run, but the F-100 appears to be quick enough to be a 9-second machine and it sounds incredible in the process, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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