Rumormill: Ferrari to Name New Enzo… F150?

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Marcus Slater

The words “Ef One Fifty” aren’t likely to stir up visuals of mid-engine super cars. No, the F150 moniker has long been the mental property of Ford’s stalwart truck. Though, that might change soon if Ferrari is able to get away with naming their new super car the F150 Enzo.

At least, that’s what I’ve gathered from Ferarri’s own magazine. Normally they name their top-tier Fsomethingortheother, but the jump from f70 to f150 is big one. It’s also not likely to sit well with the guys at Ford either.

Ferrari and Ford have done this dance over the F150 name before. Ford sued Ferrari in 2011 when Ferrari tried to name their F1 car the F150. Ferrari ended up changing the name of their racer while professing that they’d never name a production model F150.┬áThat interchange leads me to believe that the name isn’t likely to stick. Ferrari has been using the f150 as an internal name for their car and that’s likely where this rumor got it’s legs.

Unlikely as it is, it got me thinking. What would a Ford/Ferrari F-150 crossover look like? Personally, I find the idea of a an all-aluminum truck with an Italian V12 strangely enticing. It’s weird and totally impossible, but that’s kinda why I think it’s cool.

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