Rumor: New F-150 to Get 2.7-Liter Ecoboost?

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by Marcus Slater

320hp? Sequential turbos? What?

According to Ford Authority, Ford is planning to slot another engine into the F-150 lineup for the purposes of power and fuel efficiency. They’re saying it’s a V6 of about 2.7 liters of displacement. Unlike the current Ecoboost, it’ll have sequential turbos instead of twins. Diesel heads should be familiar with this setup as it’s pretty popular over on that side of the gas/oil divide. One turbo would work at low speeds while a bigger one would contribute boost as the engine winds up.¬†They say it could make 320 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque! I’ve got to admit, that would be a pretty enticing setup if it were real.

I would love to believe that Ford is actually going in on a sequential turbo system for their trucks, but I have trouble believing it. The first problem is packaging. A sequential turbo system would require both turbines to fed by both exhaust banks at the same time.

That would bother me more if they hadn’t already come up with this system for their Powerstroke motors:



Notice something special about that compressor? Two turbines. Just like a sequential turbo system but without the bulk of having two discreet turbos. By mounting it in the V of the V8, they’re able to charge from both sides of the the block in a very uncomplicated fashion. It’s elegant, it works, and it makes the whole idea of having a 2.7-liter turbo V6 much, much more interesting.

What do you think? Will they do it? Should they do it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

via [Ford Authority]

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