Roushcharger – Intercooled Supercharger Installation in late model F150 trucks – Part Two

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Author: Ken Payne

Next, remove the mass air flow sensor from the intake, remove the intake tube and air filter box.

Remove the radiator cover’s 7 pushpins and remove the cover.

Disconnect the upper radiator hose.

Remove the bolts holding the fan shroud in place and then remove
the fan from the water pump with a fan removal tool. (It’s hard to see the tool in
this photo because it’s so slim so we pointed it out with white arrows).

Remove the serpentine belt by rotating the tensioner clockwise and
slipping the belt off the alternator. Then remove the alternator.

Remove the heater hose from the water cross over.

Located on the passenger side of the throttle body is the TPS connector. Unplug this. Remove the throttle body by removing the four bolts holding it to the intake manifold. Remove ETC connect from the throttle body. Remove the blue gasket from the intake manifold and dry it off. Install the new o-ring gasket into the new throttle spacer. It will swell into place, so do not expose it to air until you’re ready to install it.

Disconnect the fuel line and remove the intake manifold. Note there are several details from the installation instructions we aren’t detailing here, such as removal of various wiring connectors, disconnecting the brake booster hose and disconnecting the knock sensors. Clean the intake port surfaces after removing the manifold and be very careful not to allow anything to fall into the intake ports!

Remove the four bolts securing the fuel rail to the intake manifold and remove the fuel rail from the intake manifold.

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