Roushcharger – Intercooled Supercharger Installation in late model F150 trucks – Part Five

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Author: Ken Payne

Fill the engine coolant systems with coolant, distilled water and Royal Purple Ice. Royal Purple Ice is an additive which
decreases the surface tension of the coolant allows it to transfer here more effectively. Given the relatively small
intercooler system capacity of the Roushcharger (about 1 gallon verses about 2 for the Lightning) I don’t
recommend using Royal Purple Ice in the intercooler — its far too easy to put too much in and cause foaming problems.

We then changed the oil and filter. We used a “K and N” Performance Gold filter and Royal Purple
synthetic oil. Given the stress a supercharger adds to the system we plan to go with 2500 mile drain intervals using
full synthetic oil.


The folks at Royal Purple have been developing oil for race and high-performance environments for a long time so it
made the choice to go with their fluids an easy one. Be sure to coat the o-ring gasket in the new filter prior to
installing it in order to get a good seal.

Double check all connections, fittings, etc. and make sure the PCM is connected.
Cycle the ignition key to the ON position a few times to pressurize the fuel system and check for leaks in
the fuel lines and fuel rail. Open the intercooler degas bottle and check the intercooler for proper fluid flow.
Start the vehicle and let it idle for a few minutes. Shut off the engine and check the coolant levels
(let the truck cool off first) and top them off if needed.

Take it for a test drive. Go easy on it at first, and let it get up to operating
temperature for a few minutes. Shut off the engine, let it cool off and recheck fluid levels. You’re
now all set to fully enjoy the added power of a Roushcharger!


The Roushcharger installation isn’t very difficult, just time consuming. Having professionals
like the guys at Troyer Performance handle it certainly brings confidence to the table with power
levels like this. Mike Troyer is a walking encyclopedia of F-150 knowledge, Neil Gilbert is a wizard
under the hood and it was worth the 500 mile drive get this done. I enjoyed spending a few days with
a guy who’s as passionate about these vehicles as I am, if not more, plus the hospitality of
Anita Troyer and Crystal. If you’re looking for a professional installation I highly recommend
you give them a call.

What is the result of all this work? In a few days we’ll be posting the next installment in
this article series with before and after dyno charts for those interested. The results are
remarkable. The Roushcharger turned this from a truck that could barely get out of its own way
into a wicked-fast Supercrew. Want to rip as much rubber from as stop as you can imagine?
It’ll do it. How about neck-snapping launches and gear shifts? Yes, its got it. How about
putting that GT in its place? Sure thing (just make sure the guy in the GT isn’t running
a modified car!) Barking 2nd or jerking the truck sideways
is child’s play so be careful, especially when its wet. Throttle response is wonderful, and with
the huge intake the engine makes less noise than stock – the whine of the supercharger is the
only giveaway that something big is lurking under the hood.

Now if you’ll excuse me…. I’ve got some Mustangs to find.


After the installation we did some dyno testing (Click Here) and Troyer custom tuning (Click Here).

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