Roush F-150 SC Isn’t Your Run-of-the-Mill Truck, Says Pickup Trucks

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2019 Roush Ford F-150 SC

With 650 hp from a supercharged V8 and a balanced suspension, the Roush F-150 has only one tiny problem.

Ford F-150 fans who crave a little extra performance have plenty of options to choose from. From the factory-built Raptor to aftermarket offerings from Saleen, Roush, Shelby, and Hennessey, to name a few. Most all of these trucks offer up prodigious horsepower gains, visual upgrades, and suspension tweaks. So the only question left to ask, really, is which one should you buy? Well, that’s hard to say. But Pickup Truck‘s recent review of the new 2019 Roush F-150 SC helps us narrow down those choices a little further.

The Roush SC is the well-established brand’s top-of-the-line F-150 offering, with 650 supercharged horsepower on tap. It’s built to represent a nice mix of on and off-road performance, with a 2-inch lift and upgraded suspension, wheels, and tires. The real beauty of all this is that the Roush F-150 comes with a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty. Cost? At least $24,900 on top of whichever model F-150 you choose to start with.

2019 Roush Ford F-150 SC

Pickup Trucks wasn’t able to drive the Roush F-150 SC off-road, but they did get some solid seat time on pavement. And they found that despite the off-road rubber and upgraded suspension, the truck performed admirably there. “There’s body roll, but it’s controllable,” they noted. “The Roush had admirable ride quality given its setup. I was expecting more tire noise and choppiness, but it rode pretty smoothly on the asphalt.”

2019 Roush Ford F-150 SC

In terms of power delivery, those 650 ponies came on with a “building rush” rather than the “burst” PT was expecting. Overall, the reviewer admits to enjoying the “bonkers” Shelby F-150 more, but it also costs considerably more. The bigger issue with the Roush is that the Raptor is so good, it doesn’t really provide much of a step up, according to our reviewer.

“Ultimately, I was impressed by the Roush, but it just felt (and with standard exhaust sounded) a bit too ordinary for my liking, seeing as you can get a similar experience in a Raptor.”

But then again, if you have to have a V8, the Roush seems like the logical choice. At least until Ford decides to stuff one back into the Raptor, that is.

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