Roush Billet Fuel Door and Sill Plates Installation On Ford F150’s

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Author: Ken Payne

Roush recently introduced engraved billet aluminum fuel door and aluminum door sill plates for the 2004 – 2006 F-150. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one these, knowing the quality looks and workmanship of Roush products. Small touches can really enhance the look of any F-150 and these parts are no exception.

Here’s the plain-jane OEM fuel door.

Slide a flathead screwdriver into the tab slot between the door and the arm. Push it in there good, push on the tab and pull the door towards you. It’ll feel like its not going to come off but it will slide off with a little firm effort.

Slide the Roush door into place until it clicks. That’s it!

What a nice difference!

Now the sill plates…

Clean off the door sill with a little soap and water. Dry it off well.

Peel backing tape off a sill plate.

Carefully line up the sill plate with the door frame and press it firmly into place. For the other door, first measure the distance from the door pillar to the sill plate you just installed. After cleaning the other side, mark the sill with a grease pencil so both plates will be in the same location and install this one like you did the 1st one.

The photos don’t do justice for these plates. They have very fine detail and the Roush lettering has an almost 3D look with subtle depths machined into it. Here’s a close-up:

You may be asking yourself what possible reason is there for an install article for these two parts when installation is so easy? Well… that’s exactly the point! I wanted to show how easily anyone with 5 minutes time can add very nice styling queues to their F-150. Personally, I think the improvement in the looks department is huge in that they both help dress up a truck without distracting from the rest of the vehicle (like fingernails on a nicely dressed women).

Note that Roush Performance is offering these and all Roush parts to users at 5% off through December 1, 2006. Enter code FTE5 at checkout.

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