Rough Country Introduces Performance 2.2 series Shock Absorbers

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Dyersburg, TN –Rough Country has been manufacturing top quality suspension lift systems
and shock absorbers for over thirty years. Rough Country is proud to announce the addition of
the Performance 2.2 series shock absorbers to its’ product line. The Performance 2.2 series
shock absorbers are designed to meet the needs of demanding offroad
enthusiasts while still
giving the desired onroad

Featuring a massive 41.4 mm diameter piston, the Performance 2.2 series shock absorber
creates 40% larger displacement than traditional shocks and gives greater control and durability
for offroad
use. The enclosed gas shock is engineered to mount shaft end down reducing unsprung
mass while optimizing handling but is capable of being mounted shaft end up as well.

Designed for vehicles with larger aftermarket tire/wheel combinations, the 2.2 series shock
absorber contains an internal rebound disc spring for greater energy absorption during
suspension extension. On the reverse side, an external jounce bumper creates greater energy
absorption during suspension compression for added protection and durability.

The new Performance shock’s large 2.2” diameter body allows for optimal oil flow as well as
maintains a cooler core temperature thus improving overall performance. Coated in a metallic
finish with two coats of clear, the Performance 2.2 series shock features a 17.5mm chrome
hardened piston rod with micro pores, 50% larger than standard shock absorbers.

For more information on the new Performance 2.2 series shocks, please contact Rough Country
Suspension Products at or call 8002227023.
You may also
contact an authorized Rough Country dealer. To find an authorized Rough Country dealer near
you, please visit the “Dealer Locator” link at

Formed in early 1970’s, Rough Country Suspension Products was one of the founders of the
industry and today is one of the fastest growing manufacturers and marketers of lifted
suspension packages and offroad
accessories for both 2wd and 4wd trucks and SUVs. Rough
Country Suspension Products is owned by Heckethorn Products. Heckethorn Products has
a storied history in the automotive aftermarket that includes inventing the first steering stabilizer
for military Jeeps in the 1950s. As a complete supplier, Rough Country Suspension Products
offers retailers, jobbers, and consumer direct customers an opportunity to purchase the products
that the market is demanding.

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