Rose Gold F-350: Pretty (Awesome) in Pink

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Rose Gold Wrapped 2017 Ford F-350

Instagrammer ‘Best Wrapper Alive’ shows why a wildly-colorful wrap may be the most awesome way to customize an F-Series.

Over the years, we’ve shown you F-Series trucks of all colors. While most F-150 owners will stick with the paint job they get from the dealer, there are some truck owners that always want to customize their vehicle to make it that much more personal. Most of the time, custom trucks get a new spray and that’s the end of it. But for some intrepid F-Series owners, they go in a different direction – custom wraps.

Today, we bring you an Instagram profile of Best Wrapper Alive, aka Gabe, from Houston, Texas. One glance at Gabe’s Instagram account, and you’ll notice that he doesn’t specialize in those cheesy wraps that businesses put on their work vehicles. No, Gabe likes to do something completely different. As you can see in the pictures we’re sharing today, Gabe will take your boring F-150 and make it rose gold.

Wrapping your truck isn’t just a cosmetic choice, either. For those unaware, a vinyl truck wrap is a cost-effective way of completely changing the look of your truck, while also protecting the paint underneath. Oh yeah, and you can make your truck gold, chrome, rose gold, or any other color or pattern. You think a neon paint job will make you stand out? No, making your truck look like a giant piece of jewelry will turn heads.

Sure, on paper, the idea of a rose gold F-350 sounds odd, even ugly. But seeing this beautiful truck in pictures will make you second guess everything. An F-350 Super Duty is a badass truck to begin with, but when it glimmers and shines like an expensive ring, you have taken customization to the next level. For those that think a rose gold F-350 somehow loses it’s toughness, think again. Take a look at the wheels on the front. Matching the rose gold wrap are spiked wheels, that make this Super Duty just look mean.

Of course, if the rose gold isn’t your speed, take a moment to browse his Instagram. You’ll find camo, gold, matte black, metallic green, and many more vinyl wrap options that are true showstoppers.

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