Romantic Couple Tours World in 1915 Ford Model T

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Madly in love couples often see the world by hopping jets and captaining sailboats. This Dutch couple’s choice is to tour the world in their 1915 Ford Model T.

Traveling to distant lands covering an estimated 50,000 miles over three years is more than enjoyment for this Dutch couple, they’ve created a charity for orphaned children in the process. It never mentions if they were actual parents yet it does cover what’s driving this couple now and that’s giving to children.

The recently uploaded video below from Ford of Europe offers a peek inside Dirk and Trudy Regters past three road trips across three continents so far. With more continents on deck for future trips. They were hit with a bit of bad luck upon their last return home. In 2014 fresh back in the Netherlands with their Model T it was struck by a commercial truck and damaged far beyond their financial means. They’re looking for any kind of help to get going with their trips and charity but before you start calling Donald, I mean Mr. Trump, let’s see why Dirk the Dutchman chose this  piece of American machinery as his dream car to show the world.

FTE caught wind of this from the ongoing AutoEvolution column following the Duchies. Most of their AE team is Model T amazed, which is the original SUV. It can go across many different climates, terrains and temperatures. We shouldn’t be amazed, the Model T was designed for unpaved roads and those skinny tires are perfect for no roads.

The main reason Dirk chose the Model T was because it was a mechanic’s dream. Simple to repair with large modular parts that were designed and built to last during the steam train era. Assembled, as you know when machinery was built to withstand long-term abusive daily operation. This is a true statement to the Ford engineers of that day and I know Henry would be most proud.

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