Roadkill Star Revisits His Old Ford Pickup (Video)

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Ever wish you could visit a cherished old ride you ended up selling? David Freiburger, one of the hosts of Roadkill, is one such person. 

Anyone who’s bought and sold numerous pickups, and likely enjoys perusing these forums, knows how many memories can be made in a good truck. These things just have a character all their own, especially the mid-century ones. The 50s and 60s were a great time for simple trucks. David Freiburger, one of the hosts of Roadkill, is one such person. He’s had a TON of vehicles, and no doubt plenty of pickups along the way. We came across this Roadkill Extra video and couldn’t help but remember the trucks we miss too.

A brief explainer on Roadkill Extra: This is the “bonus content” they post on Motor Trend On Demand (MTOD). MTOD is basically the Netflix of car shows. So, this is shorter and less exciting than the usual Roadkill episodes. If you enjoy listening to Freiburger though, it’s worth a watch. We like him since he’s an authentic car guy, not a TV personality like some other car-show hosts we’ve run across.

1965 Ford F250 4x4 Freiburger

Anyway, back to the video. Freiburger has this 1965 Ford F250 4×4 that’s sporting a 390 big-block Ford under the hood and a mismatch of body panels that should surprise no one. The cab and fenders aren’t original to the ’65, and he guesses the fenders are actually off of a different heavy-duty Ford from the era. The fenders have a bigger opening than the 1965 F250 they brought with them. Plus, if anyone would know mid-60s American styling, it’d be Freiburger.

He makes a quick lap around the truck, pointing out some things that have changed, and some that have remained the same. Honestly, it’s what we would do. Sure, it’s not the most riveting moments in Roadkill history, but we like the genuine feeling of nostalgia. Though he’s had much nicer cars, the memories make the F250 special.

What truck do you regret selling, and maybe wish you could visit again? Join us in the forums and let us know!

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