Road Trippin’: Ford Raptor Edition

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AutoVlog takes a 2018 Ford Raptor on a journey down the East Coast.

AutoVlog host Michael Vaim and his wife Heather recently embarked on a road trip in their 2018 Ford Raptor from Pennsylvania to Florida. Along the way, they took advantage of all the Raptor’s capabilities, on and off the road. They documented the trip on the popular AutoVlog YouTube channel, and on Instagram. We came along (vicariously) for the ride to provide some of the highlights.

Now we understand that some people would not choose the Raptor as a road trip vehicle. However, we are not those people. Frankly, the Raptor is a great choice. Sure, the gas might give you some sticker shock, but the benefits outweigh the cost.

On the road, this is a solid ride and can handle any road surface along the way, from the snowy Northeast, to slick rainy roads in the South. And, if you plan on off-roading, let’s be honest–the Raptor is king. Vaim and Heather also appreciate the comfort of the Raptor, the ample space, and they plan and track their trip easily with the SYNC instrument cluster.

After driving the 1000-plus miles they arrive in Florida. Vaim and Heather waste no time, and take the Raptor out and put it to work doing some seriously fun off-roading in the sand.

Wifey driving that Raptor like it should be driven! ❤️

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At the end of their vacation, Vaim is back in Pennsylvania. Where it is 38 degrees and snowing. In April. He says “It’s amazing how things can change that drastically driving across one country.”

These videos are a bit of a departure from AutoVlog’s usual content, but they’re a lot of fun and definitely show off some great Raptor action. And the takeaway for us is with the right person, and the right ride, sometimes the journey is as satisfying as reaching the destination.

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