Riding the Storm Out in a Ford F-150

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Remember that 1996 movie “Twister”? It showed a group of storm chasers led by Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt driving through tornado country in a Dodge Ram trying to get one of the natural disasters to suck up a research device that could aid in the prediction of them in the future.


If a studio were to remake that movie or create a sequel to it (very possible these days), it could use 29-year-old Ricky Forbes of the company Tornado Hunters as a real-world example. It would just have to switch truck brands; Tornado Hunters uses a 2015 F-150. It can comfortably fit Forbes behind the wheel as well as the company’s team leader/photographer and videographer. “Flash,” as the rig is known, is also the right size to get into great photo spots and out of tricky situations.


To get the F-150 storm-ready, Tornado Hunters had an external roll cage added to it to protect the professional daredevils from falling trees and utility poles uprooted by Fujita-scale carnage. The black and orange polyurethane elastomer-coated exterior can withstand a blast from a .22-caliber rifle. Heavy duty steel bumpers, Baja-grade rubber, 360 degrees of lighting, and bed-mounted cargo boxes round out the list of upgrades that make this Blue Oval pickup like the action in “Twister”: EXTREME!

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