Did Rezvani Beat Ford to a Newer, Hotter Bronco?

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The Ford Everest might be the upcoming Bronco’s twin. But what about this Rezvani off-road SUV concept?

Despite having announced the return of the Ranger and Bronco to America, Ford has been extra-shy with its plans for either vehicle. While completely unrelated to Ford, California-based exotic car builder Rezvani has a pretty darn good idea of what a badass, off-road SUV should look like. And they’re not afraid to show us… kinda.

The car collector’s scene seems to revolve around vintage ford trucks nowadays, and although not necessarily a truck — the Bronco has steadily made its way to the top of the value charts. Whether it’s the hype of a new model reaching showroom floors in 2019-2020, or simply because of their beauty and might, the Bronco is commanding big bucks at auction blocks across the nation.


We know what vintage Broncos look like, but we’re still left wondering about the new one. Will it feature rounder and smoother design queues, or will it have sharper and tighter lines? Will it be a true off-roader, or simply another run-of-the-mill SUV? Unfortunately —we don’t know, yet.


What we do know, is that this yet-to-be-named off-road SUV concept by Rezvani looks the business. Sure, we may only get a slight peek at its overall exterior design, but it looks killer. The company claims deliveries will begin late-2017, which is only a few months away. This leads us to believe two things: either there’s more to the “X” concept that they’re willing to let out, or they’re running severely behind in production.

Regardless, if you can’t wait two more years for the Ford Bronco, you can hit up Rezvani and place a $1,000 deposit today!

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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