Craving a Ford Raptor? Watch This In-Depth Review

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Despite the amazing car-buying tools available nowadays, nothing beats a wealth of knowledge. So watch and learn.

With the holidays around the corner, most of us will be filling out our letters to Santa pretty darn soon. While most folks will be asking for the new iPhone or the latest flat-screen TV, we at Ford Truck Enthusiasts will be hoping for something much cooler — some sort of Christmas miracle, you could say.

What would that look like? A Ford Raptor, most definitely. If that’s a bit far-fetched, then do like we did during our Ford truck-buying journey back in May and negotiate smart, not hard. Aspiring Raptor owners must be fully informed on what a Raptor really is before committing to a  $70,000 truck.


Thankfully, vlogger Savagegeese brings us what we consider is the most in-depth review we’ve ever watched or read of the F-150-based off-road beast. And when we mean in-depth, we mean putting it up on a lift, analyzing the suspension, the beefy skid plates, the Fox shocks, strapping it to the dyno, and everything else that makes the 450-horsepower Baja champ a total badass.

While you may be puzzled (or enlightened) by a brief strip-club-inspired dance on the tailgate step handle, or the sight of a man sticking his head through the back window in the quest for his protein shake, we assure you that you want to hear everything the host has to say.


As you may recall, we’ve had several opportunities to off-road the Raptor this year, and each and every time we’ve been blown away by its capabilities and composure, especially after two days of pretty hardcore off-roading. After seeing this video, you’ll realize why were able to do exactly that.

So, what’s Santa bringing you?

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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