Retro Rewind: 1987 Ford Ranger is Relic from the Good Old Days

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1987 Ford Ranger

If you’re still nostalgic about the days when the Ranger was simple, cheap, and small, this ’87 will only make it worse.

When the Ford Ranger first debuted back in 1983, it was a simple, small, no-frills pickup. And it was exactly what the masses clamored for at the time. For those who needed pickup utility in a smaller package, the Ranger was certainly what the doctor ordered. And it remained a simple, inexpensive, compact pickup until it went away…temporarily. Now that the Ranger has relaunched as a pricier mid-size hauler, it only makes us even more nostalgic when we see older examples like this immaculate ’87 that recently popped up on Craigslist.

This old Ranger is the epitome of what we loved about these trucks in the first place. It has a manual transmission, crank windows, and all the things you just don’t see anymore. We will say that this particular Ranger is rather well-optioned, otherwise. It has the six-cylinder, air conditioning, and power steering/disc brakes, which, if you’ve ever driven a base model first-gen Ranger, are downright luxurious options.

1987 Ford Ranger

You certainly won’t find many cleaner examples of the breed than this little pickup, either. It looks incredibly straight and rust-free for a truck offered for sale in Minnesota. With just under 100k miles on the clock, it’s not like it hasn’t been driven, either.

1987 Ford Ranger

The interior is in pretty excellent shape as well, save for the discolored tan seat. But that’s probably nothing a good deep clean can’t fix. And besides, when was the last time you saw a mostly original first-gen in this kind of condition? Heck, most of these things were ridden hard and eventually discarded. Thus, we’re just happy to see one of these great little pickups still alive and kicking!

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