Retro Ford Ranger Cap Going Cheap in FTE Marketplace

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Ford Ranger Bed Cap

Add functional dry space and cool retro looks to your Ranger for one Benjamin and minimal elbow grease.

Bed caps, once a massively popular add-on, have long been out of style. But in recent years, we’re seeing them come back strong. Basically for the same reasons they were popular in the first place. Adding a cap onto your pickup adds a ton of dry storage space. Which is quite handy if you haul a lot of stuff back there. It also provides a good amount of room if you’re into the overlanding sensation and need somewhere to sleep or store your gear. And in the case of this old school Ford Ranger cap we spotted in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Marketplace, it just plain looks cool, too.

Right now, the cap is mounted on a 2001 Ford Ranger. but it’ll fit any compact 6-foot bed. The seller believes it was originally produced in the early to mid ’90s. The rear door stays need to be replaced and the cap could use a respray, but it’s otherwise in pretty darn nice shape. The origins of this interesting cap are otherwise unknown, including who manufactured it.

Ford Ranger Bed Cap

Regardless, the asking price of just $100 is cheap enough to warrant the purchase. We think this cap would look awesome on any older Ranger, especially later model ones. Its old school curves perfectly match up with those of that gen Ranger, and would complement the retro looks nicely.

Ford Ranger Bed Cap

And who knows, maybe you’ll also be jumping on the bed cap revival train before it blows back up again. Most trends come and go, and this one is long overdue for a comeback. And even if it doesn’t, dropping one Benjamin and doing a little sanding on this one won’t set you back too far!

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