Retro Concept: Mercury Montego Sportshauler

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Don’t ask how we came across it – we just did a Google search for a totally different thing and this popped up. You’d be forgiven to ask why we have ANOTHER concept CAR on Ford Trucks.

Well, be patient as the details will make this clearer on this very interesting idea Ford came up with in the 1970s. It certainly fit the idea of the 70’s very well, too.

This concept made its debut at the 1971 Chicago Auto Show and did it stand out. If you’re familiar with the 1972-76 Montego, you’ll probably notice right away that the rear of the car is wrong.

Those of you not, it’s far too long and turns out this is actually a concept built on the Ford Ranchero. Told you there was a truck relation to this Montego.

However, that’s not the only thing that makes it fit as it also held a 6×6 in the back behind the driver and passenger.

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It stuck around for 1972 but both it and the 6×6 were repainted in a black and copper scheme, along with a more polished look. It is such a crazy vehicle for a crazy time in America, but we wonder if a production version of this car would have really taken off.

Well, minus the 6×6, of course, but it probably lost a bit of its charm when you think about it. It almost makes it what it is and without it, it’s just a Ranchero with a hatch.

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