Retiree Builds a Flawless 1953 F-100

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Silva 1953 F-100 Front

Classic F-100 is transformed from a heap in a field into a gorgeous showstopper.

Many car guys dream of someday retiring and spending all of the newfound free time on restoring a sweet classic vehicle. Truck Trend recently detailed the story of Raul Silva of El Paso, Texas, who left the working world and tackled a full restoration of a 1953 Ford F-100 – creating a gorgeous show truck.

The Retirement Project

Raul Silva bought a 1953 Ford F-100 in 1991 and the truck went neglected for years, but when he retired from his job in the engineering world, it was time to bring that old F-Series back to its proper glory.

When this truck was purchased, it was sitting in a field in rough shape, so when the restoration project began, it needed massive amounts of bodywork. Remarkably, Silva was able to have almost all of the original sheet metal repaired except for the bed and the rear fenders.

Although this F-100 looks very similar to how it did when it came off of the assembly line back in 1953, there have been some small changes made, including slightly narrower running boards and a front bumper that is pulled in three inches closer to the body.

Of course, there is also the custom paint work, the extra chrome on the grille and the chrome wheels wrapped in low-profile tires that all come together to modernized the exterior appearance, but overall – this 1953 F-100 maintains its original look.

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