Top Three Trucks to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

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1997 Ford F-350

There is a lot to be thankful for when Thanksgiving rolls around, mainly because we forget to think about it the rest of the year. Either way, as this holiday comes upon us again we saw it fit to feature the top three trucks on FTE that have been resurrected from the dead. After all, that is definitely something to be thankful for!

The first of these rigs in a 1997 Ford F-350. This project was taken on by Ford truck enthusiast BiGGreen350 and involved something many of us dread: A frame swap. Messing with the frame in general is just not usually the greatest idea.

In fact, if your truck gets a bent frame many people consider it time to part it out and just pick up a new machine. Of course, BiGGreen350 jumped on the challenge and has since gotten his F-350 running strong once again — and boy does it look nice!

1976 Ford F-150

The second rig on our list is still a work in progress, but seems extremely hopeful and is going well so far. This build was taken on by flowney, and involves a wreck, more frame damage, and a hell of a lot of dedication.

Flowney is repairing the frame on this 1976 Ford F-150, and despite the difficulty it is actually going quite well. He’s still keeping an eye out for a potential candidate for a frame swap, but so far is just moving forward with the repair. Feel free to check out his build thread and show your support — not many people take on a project like this one!

1952 Ford F-1

Number three on our list is definitely something to be thankful for, through and through. FTE member ADOR picked up this 1952 Ford F-1 a few months back and has been working on it ever since.

The only goal for the rig is to get it back up and running and get the body straight once more. Taking on any old truck like this one is definitely a chore, considering many have been parked since, well, forever. Even so, this ’52 F-1 is coming along very well and ADOR has done a great job.

So a well-deserved thank you goes out to BiGGreen350, flowney, and ADOR for saving these rigs from the junkyard. Many others on here have saved Ford trucks from similar fates, so thanks for all of you as well. Be sure to thank all of those who have resurrected an old (or new!) Ford today. Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the upcoming feast!

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