Craigslist Find: Restored 1940 Ford Panel Delivery Truck

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 Ford Panel

This 1940 Ford is freshly restored with period looks and modern hardware — surf’s up!

For classic Ford trucks — especially pre-war classic Ford trucks there is nothing more iconic than the 1940’s shape. It’s an imposing, proud-looking front end design. To this day, it is evocative of Art Deco style emblematic of America’s early 20th century industrialization.

These are the trucks that kept America moving through the Great Depression, World War II, and beyond, in a few cases. This panel truck, however, is enjoying a nice retirement.

 Ford Panel

You’d be forgiven for not thinking of Geneva, Ohio as a big surf town. While it’s located on Lake Erie, the cold winter climate and lack of waves make it a pretty crummy place to surf most of the time. However, that’s where this killer surf wagon lives.

 Ford Panel

This 1940 Ford Panel Delivery was treated to a full nut-and-bolt restoration, and hot-rodded with a Chevrolet 350 crate motor and TH350 automatic transmission. Note: Ford built a V8, too. Several of them, actually. They’re pretty good. Try ’em sometime.

It’s been further modified with a Chevrolet S10 chassis and modern steering and air conditioning. It also has other modern amenities, like a tilt steering column and disc brakes. Pretty neat, actually. Okay, just this once, raiding the GM parts bin gets a pass!

 Ford Panel

The ever-popular patina paint job hides a very straight, well-restored body. The custom upholstered interior looks like a really nice place to spend some time, too. You can even crank up some Beach Boys and Jan & Dean (or the Cramps and Naked Raygun) through the modern stereo with iPod integration.

For just under $35,000, we’d defy you to find a cooler family hauler. It certainly beats any of the crossovers currently on the market.

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