This Fully Restored 1936 Ford Pickup is Gorgeous!

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There’s nothing wrong with paying someone else to do your truck’s restoration? After all, there’s a lot of guys (like myself) that love and enjoy beautiful vehicles, but don’t have the knowledge, skill or desire to do the work.

That’s exactly what 80-year old, John Gardner from Illinois did with his 1936 Ford pickup. While doing a feature for the Daily Journal from Kankakee, Illinois, John admitted to not having done anything to that truck besides picking it up from the shop, and maybe even picking the paint color—that’s it.


He says that a local guy by the name of Larry Seabert actually found the truck for him down in Mississippi, and while it was in decent shape, it certainly needed lots of elbow grease to get it to working condition.

After some time and a chunk of change, John finally had the vintage Ford truck he always wanted, and he wasted no time in showing it off.


The engine is a flathead V8 from a 1949 Ford Mercury, and the original column-mounted three-speed transmission was booted to make room for a modern five-speed. Which according to John, makes it a true joy to drive.

John and his wife traveled to various car shows initially, but as his priorities and lifestyle changes, he hasn’t driven it as much, but he does enjoy simply looking at it.

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Story and photos via: [DailyJournal]

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